Anáma means “family” in Guaraní, an indigenous language widely spoken in South America.

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Welcome to our world of family storytelling: we bring family members together to document their memories on film.

We conduct professional one-on-one interviews, that often include laughs and a few tears, as people express how much they care for each other, and the legacy they want to leave for future generations. Who were your grandparents? And great grandparents? What struggles did they overcome? What glories have they celebrated? What was their most memorable recipe?

Combining our years of expertise in journalism and filmmaking, we work with professional cameramen in many cities of the world. We go to you. Later, our editor mixes these interviews to music, family pictures, drawings and videos, to create a timeless bio documentary focused on the subject of your choice: homage to a late grandmother, birthday surprise for a grandfather, anniversary gift for a couple, or just-because-I-love-you memory. Everyone has a story to be honored – and we will document it in a fun, warm and professional way.

The history of your family is a way of reminding yourself of who you are. An article by The Week  lists 6 things the happiest families have in common – the second is knowing where they come from.

The article is based on the brilliant book “The Secret of Happy Families”,  by Bruce Feiler – he ends his TED Talk lecture underlying that kids who know about their family’s history have higher self-esteem, and a strong sense of belonging. However, today many people live apart from their families, grandparents barely see grandchildren, and relatives don’t sit around the table to talk as much they used to back in the days. So where do the stories go? Who is keeping all the memories?

We would love to tell yours.

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